Weekly Photo Challenge: dialogue

Two images that speak to each other. A similar thread so that they contribute to the context of the other?

2014 08 31 CATE003

beautiful flowers a picturesque scene

2014 08 31 CATE002

Look closer and you will find them riddled with caterpillars. This one was particularly cute with his dusty pollen butt.

Hide and Seek

I’m sure he thought I couldn’t see him.

2014 08 31 CATE001

Another Black and White Portrait

I love the sparkle.

2014 08 26 CLEM002

Weekly Photo Challenge: fray

obvious,  yet beautiful

2014 08 26 FRAY001

This image reminds me of a fence and dry grass at the beach. I love the composition. Yet it is only some old hessian lying on a table in our backyard while we build a shed.

Two Perspectives

As a mother I see my beautiful baby. CHEEKY!

As a photographer I can’t help wishing he had moved his chin down ever so slightly to get the best angle.

He LOVES that pillow.

2014 08 26 CLEM001

Location Scouting

A family affair. My husband and three boys came along. Here is the first location with my very helpful subject.

2014 08 16 CLEM002

Portrait of a thinker. Pondering 2.

2014 08 10 CLEM001

Weekly Photo Challenge: texture

Sometimes things that are not meant to be beautiful are. Especially when you look at the details.

background tin

Mount Lofty, Adelaide, South Australia

I stood waiting for the sun to set. As it did my fingers froze and the sunset was not outstanding. A few images salvaged. Ironically, the yellow of the sun reminds me of the fire that waited for me at home.

2014 08 04 MTLO001 2014 08 04 MTLO002

A Story of Emily

Some of the others photos I took with Emily. As an experiment it was fairly successful. She came for about 3 and  a half hours although I think at least an hour was taken up by me trying to set up the lights. Actually it was the Godox octagonal softbox. I would never be able to construct that thing or deconstruct it without help. I am not strong enough. Perhaps there is a better method than I used but it was like an awkward tent. Until I can afford one that just pops up umbrella style it makes good light!

2014 07 27 HUDS003 2014 07 27 HUDS004 2014 07 27 HUDS005 2014 07 27 HUDS009 2014 07 27 HUDS010 2014 07 27 HUDS011

2014 07 27 HUDS008


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