Let There Be Light!

But only if its good light.

I finally decided to get myself some lights. I am only really able to do anything, unless someone is looking after my children, at night. Enough said. I had resisted getting lights because so many photos I see look ‘studioish’. You know what I mean. Hotspot here, too dark there, flat, shadow in distracting spot. The list goes on. I have no idea why I decided to become obsessed with photography? It must be the most complicated obsession around. Anyway, I set up my lights last night. I am interested in newborn portraits so I had a go. I didn’t have a newborn. I had to use a teddy. I also wasn’t happy with the placement of lights in the beginning. In the end I had one with a softbox facing┬áthe front of the bear and one without anything aimed at the ceiling, then used a reflector (balanced on my head due to lack of assistant!) to reduce the shadows I didn’t like and to introduce a catch light in the eyes. I had to use an ND filter as the lights were too bright for the space. Obviously this is going to need to be refined if it is going to be workable, but I am reasonably happy with my first effort.

Behold, the bear!


Sneaky Pikelets

We are always looking for ways to sneak good nutrition past our boys.

These are delicious and healthy. I make them dairy and egg free, but you can adapt to suit.


Sneaky Pikelets
1 cup SR flour
1/3 cup divided into 2/3 quick oats and 1/3 quinoa flakes
1/4 cup shredded coconut
1 1/2 tbsp xylitol OR 1tbsp sugar
1 cup soy milk
1tbsp chia seeds combined with 3tbsp water (left to sit 5 min before using) OR 1 egg
1tsp vanilla essence
1tsp bicarb soda

Pre organise the chia seeds to soak.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Leave to sit while you heat a frying pan. Add a small amount of butter to grease. Cook in tbsp sized lots. Serve with fruit, butter, jam or anything else you like.

Portraits with flash

I am at the beginning of my journey to learn how to use flash to light my photos in a way that I am happy with. That is so that it doesn’t look like flash unless I want it to. So I started in the backyard this evening as the sun got low with my sons. The light is pretty flat. I am confident if I had a subject that would stand still and look at the camera for more than 2 seconds I could set up something better than this, but it was a start. The blog is about the journey after all. This is the beginning.

BLOG E flash portrait

BLOG W flash portrait

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra

An extra rainbow.


You know that moment when you really wish you had a full frame camera body and a really wide lens…

BLOG house rainbow

So you focus on the interesting details instead.

BLOG whirly rainbow

I did check the tree though…nothing.

BLOG tree rainbow

A Few Remain

The process of metamorphosis is incredible to watch. The speed with which it took place surprised me. How incredible to see the formation of the characteristic wings of the Monarch Butterfly through its cocoon.

2014 05 21 butterfly0022014 05 21 butterfly004

Another butterfly

Actually it is the same one. My son’s kindy hatched it. The beauty of the f stop is that you can’t tell its inside a plastic aquarium. Fortunately they release them as they hatch. I wonder where it ended up?

2014 05 21 butterfly003

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

I have recently been exploring the use of my macro lens to focus on colour and form. To me it is about painting with photography. Here is an example.

2014 05 21 butterfly001

Lavender and a World Class Education

Totally unrelated to my lavender macro, I have been watching Sue and Felix on Creative Live today.

I have resisted using flash as much as possible until now because I don’t like how it looks. Seeing natural light recreated with artificial studio light has EXCITED ME! I can’t wait to get some time to try it out.

As a Mum with 3 young boys I only have free time really at night and to be able to shoot then would be a blessing. I am looking forward to exploring it further. Creative Live has opened up a world of education opportunity for me. I have no possibility of getting out, but I can have it going while I watch the boys play or play with my baby. I said to my family earlier tonight that I didn’t like technology, but really it not only is the foundation of my passion for photography, it allows me, a suburban Mum in Adelaide, Australia to take part in a world class education that I could not otherwise access or afford.


2014 05 15 lavender

Sometimes the composition is more interesting than the subject.

What makes us push the shutter? It isn’t always the subject that interests us.

I took this macro shot of a snail shell in an autumn leaf in my garden. The draw for me is purely the combination of shapes and colours. It really appeals to me.

2014 05 15 snail

How Many Ways CAN You Shoot A Dandelion?

I am sure there are a million ways to photograph a dandelion. Here are some of the others I took.

I loved the softness of this photo. It was taken to look like the inside of a soft, feather pillow.

I loved the softness of this photo. It was taken to look like the inside of a soft, feather pillow.

The tip of the dandelion as it opens.

The tip of the dandelion as it opens.

I liked the flatness of this photo. It reminded me of a tiled or brick wall with a repeated pattern.

I liked the flatness of this photo. It reminded me of a tiled or brick wall with a repeated pattern.


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