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Happy Halloween

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by turning my friends and family into ghouls. Ahem, also excellent editing practise!

halloween-vampire-portrait-edit-spooky grimreaper-halloween-edit-portrait-spooky


Travel Theme: Spooky

At the start of October I said I would be trying to turn photos into spooky for Halloween and hadn’t got to many. I had a look back through my photos and found a few that turned into spooky for Halloween OK. And the travel theme is appropriately spooky too. I love it when you can be efficient and cover two jobs with one action!

Travel Theme: Spooky

I am reblogging a photo I edited of my baby W to make him a zombie for this week’s travel theme: spooky. Now I need to go and look through my archives to find some more good possibilities.

Learning the Light

In honour of Halloween I said I would try to make normal images appear spooky. I wanted to start out with something that you would be hard pressed to think of as spooky. My baby is the least scary thing I can think of. I still feel a bit weirded out looking at him zombified, but its all in good fun and I just won’t look!

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I turned my baby into a zombie!

I have just finished editing my baby into a zombie. I wanted to find the least spooky thing I could think of and spookify it for the Halloween part of my October Photo Challenge. It is freaking me out a bit. My son usually looks more like an angelic cherub and looking at him zombie-like is unnerving me. Maybe it’s a mother thing? Anyway, I am going to have to work myself up to posting it so I’m sleeping on it. Silly really, but I think after this one I’ll stick to people I don’t know or objects. That way I won’t care!