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The Fun of Summer

They didn’t seem to mind jumping off the jetty repeatedly for me although it wasn’t the warmest day. Thanks.

2015 01 11 WAIK002


Multitasking: a master class

I travelled today with my 8 week old. Of course half way there I had to stop to attend to a meltdown. Sitting on the bank of the Murray River at Blanchetown in South Australia I had to feed him.
This was snapped on my Galaxy mid feed and cropped and edited on Snapseed. Well I had a hand free, mustn’t waste an opportunity while I’m out of the house. The clarity could be better, you can’t expect miracles from a phone camera with no option to move around to get the shot!

I love the dead trees at this place in the river. I hope one day when I have more time to come back with my DSLR.

Birds, Birds, Birds (Part 2)

I said that I had taken quite a lot of bird photos recently and then I got sidetracked and never got to posting the second part. So here they are.

duck b&w
This duck paid me no attention despite being right in front of me.
duck bottom up
I love this photo.I took quite a few to get the one I wanted, but I really like the clear space between his foot at the water. It seems to make it look like he is more enthusiastic about his task…which he was!
duck front
Don’t look now, but there is a duck staring right at me.
karate duck
Kung-fu duck pose.

Geese wanted to eat my lens!

Do you see the defiance in those beady eyes?!! That one in the front was clearly the mastermind. I’m convinced the feather display behind was to psych me into dropping my camera and running away therefore leaving them to eat the lens . You can’t out psych me goose. Although your beady eyes still haunt me.

geese 2 geese at broken cliffs grass reeds

These were a few more shots from my time at Broken Cliffs. I love the ‘lightness’ in the last image.

Sun sets on Broken Cliffs

My husband and I were lucky enough to get out after the kids went to bed on a recent trip to Waikerie in the Riverland in South Australia. We went to our favourite place to hang out, Broken Cliffs. The evening was warm and although the battery died in my camera (yes, I am not the best person when it comes to preparation) and we couldn’t go swimming due to an unfortunate incident that had resulted in my husband sporting 3rd degree burn bandaging and strict instructions not so swim in the river, we hung around dipping our toes into the warm water and enjoying the quiet and the sunset. Here are a few of the shots I took before the camera battery ran out.

Broken Cliffs Sunset on water

broken cliffs fence sunset

Broken Cliffs River sunset

Elemental November: Fire

Hmmm, it is very close to fire ban season here and we have just had a week of very hot days, so I am not super keen to light fires. Here is one I happened to see. Obviously a farmer was doing their burning before fire ban started.

I also did a black and white image…mainly to pad out a week pretty thin on photos. Not sure which I prefer. Probably colour as usual.

October Photo Challenge: 27. looking back

Oops. OK so forgetting to post my photo on the day once since May isn’t too bad. I’m cutting myself some slack. It looks like the October challenge is hobbling to a close!

Here is yesterday’s prompt looking back. In more ways than one! I had to look back through the archives when I realised I forgot to find something suitable.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Scenes from my everyday life.

I am lucky as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) that I have the flexibility to take my kids on adventures or mini holidays in different places. I get bored just staying at home (I am about as far from a domestic goddess that you could possibly get) so I tend to find excursions to go on and my husband is the same so we often go of ‘adventuring’ on weekends. While we were out working on our echoes bouncing off the cliff on the other side of the river a man who was out for his exercise in a canoe came into view. After I nearly jumped up and down like a little kid with excitement at the possibility of taking his photo I composed myself and the image and took a few shots. The river was flowing so fast I found it hard to keep up. I don’t think he was expecting the paparazzi on the riverbank!

Out for some exercise on the river. I can’t think of a much better way to exercise, although with the strength of the current I bet he was glad he wasn’t trying to go the other way!
E was yelling his echoes at the cliff on the other side of the river. What does a 2 year old yell at a cliff? He was yelling the lyrics to Pearl Jam’s song Fixer! That is his Dad’s doing. As his favourite band, he has somehow managed to get E to be obssessed with Pearl Jam (and Michael Franti as well).
Everyday life for the river birds. Sitting on a stick looks pretty relaxing. According my my husband the funniest part of this image was watching me ‘sneak’ up on them to get the shot. Think of an elephant trying to imitate a sugar plum fairy. Tip toe, trip over, slight swearing underbreath, check camera is OK, remember the birds, look up to make sure they are still there, resume tip toeing like a ninja! I DID get to them without them leaving. This was taken after I made a noise ON PURPOSE to get them to fly. Woohoo!
This is part of MY everyday life. Looking at that face daily makes my heart sing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

I have just seen this week’s topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge and can’t believe it, I appear to have peaked a bit early! Last week I posted a series of photos of people doing their thing on a jetty at the river so I am going to post them again for the challenge.


The Ochre Cliff and other Photos

The final lot of photos from my recent photo taking expedition. I love the gentle glow of the ochre cliff in the background. The light was lovely. I don’t have much to say except that I am really enjoying finding and photographing things. I can’t think of anything not worth photographing. That would be an interesting challege actually. Being given something to photograph and trying to come up with an interesting image. I am not sure how it would work though. If no one had any suggestions I might have a month of no photos, haha. Oh dear, that would not do.

The sun lit up the cliffs behind this falling down shelter in the evening. This is another of my favourites.
A closer look at the shelter.
A pelican out for a ‘stroll’ in the evening sun.
Pelicans are actually my favourite bird. You can’t go past a guy who can pack a lunch in his mouth. How efficient is that?!
Dear Universe, I would like a superzoom. Kind regards, Me.
It is a shame you can’t see the bird that well in this photo. I love that he is staring directly at me. By the looks of it, he obviously uses that wall fairly frequently!
Just so you can see the bird (its a Great Cormorant) in case you were interested.
Taken for the colour, I love the tree sock that adorns the local Rainmoth Gallery in Waikerie.

That’s it! I think I am up to date in posting the photos from Waikerie. I hope you enjoyed some of them.