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The Fun of Summer

They didn’t seem to mind jumping off the jetty repeatedly for me although it wasn’t the warmest day. Thanks.

2015 01 11 WAIK002


A Few From The Pool

The summer break for my family is spent by the pool. It can get to the mid forties with dry, harsh sun. We can either be found in the pool or directly under an air conditioning vent!

I decided to use my macro lens to take a few shots. Unfortunately it is a prime lens and so focusing proved a challenge. Changing the manual settings for each shot when the circumstances vary so much is hard (at least to me). How do you cope with the challenge of altering the settings so often, so quickly?

pool-jump-blackandwhite-documentaryblackandwhite-pool-jump-fun BLOG jump 3

I love the shape in the last shot. Such a shame we chose to swim in harsh shadow causing light!

Using My Phone to Get Creative

One of the great things about a new baby is the inevitable desire to photograph every thing that happens and every detail to remember forever.

From a photography perpective it has renewed my desire to look for interesting images and shapes to capture. I found myself sitting with little “E” and watching the goings on around me. I may only have my Galaxy and Snapseed but its enough to get a few good, or at least interesting, images a day.

Here is one of little “E”.


He is so tiny at the moment. I want to remember that detail forever,  it will last such a short time.

Another random photo.


I took of my older son W. He was dressed up as a fairy doctor and something in the composition of this photo appealed to me. Its a rubbish photo without the filter but it becomes abstract enough with it to focus on the composition over the content.