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Happy Halloween

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by turning my friends and family into ghouls. Ahem, also excellent editing practise!

halloween-vampire-portrait-edit-spooky grimreaper-halloween-edit-portrait-spooky


October Photo Challenge: 31. anything you choose

I was able to take a photo of anything today. Here is my little superhero on Halloween.

And a few taken during my photography class tonight. I WAS listening, but you can’t put a camera on a desk in front of me and expect me not to take photos.

I hope you enjoyed October Photo Challenge. As always I love to hear your feedback!

As of tomorrow Elemental November is starting and Week 1 in November is Earth. Its not necessarily a photo a day, but I will be taking as many or as little photos using the element of Earth as I see during the week. If you want to join me tag your photos #elementalnovember. I’d love to see your interpretations. Alternatively you can also leave a link to your photo in the comments.

Happy Halloween! For the more traditional amongst us in the northern hemisphere Happy Samhain! And for anyone in the southern hemisphere Happy Beltane (technically for the 7th of November)!

Travel Theme: Spooky

At the start of October I said I would be trying to turn photos into spooky for Halloween and hadn’t got to many. I had a look back through my photos and found a few that turned into spooky for Halloween OK. And the travel theme is appropriately spooky too. I love it when you can be efficient and cover two jobs with one action!

October Photo Challenge: 19. letters

Halloween is coming up and although it should technically be celebrated in about 6 months from now in Australia, we are lucky if anyone celebrates it at all here! We are one of the few houses in our street that puts up decorations…any excuse for outlandish, festive, blow up paraphenalia! This year we have added a ghost my son aptly named Boo ghost to our front lawn. BOO in blow up letters.

October Photo Challenge: 11. close up

You don’t have to ask me twice.

As it is pouring with rain this morning I have ventured outside to my front doorstep and have found some close ups of the snapdragons in my pots. They featured in my Weekly Photo Challenge of happy, but not this close. I also included a photo of our plastic jack’o’lantern. Why is it plastic? Last year the cost of an actual pumpkin in Australia was about $22. I am not spending $22 on a pumpkin. This year I have saved a pumpkin I bought from a grower in the country for $1.50 and am using plastic tealight holders in the shape of a pumpkin instead.

I turned my baby into a zombie! The Photo

In honour of Halloween I said I would try to make normal images appear spooky. I wanted to start out with something that you would be hard pressed to think of as spooky. My baby is the least scary thing I can think of. I still feel a bit weirded out looking at him zombified, but its all in good fun and I just won’t look!

I turned my baby into a zombie!

I have just finished editing my baby into a zombie. I wanted to find the least spooky thing I could think of and spookify it for the Halloween part of my October Photo Challenge. It is freaking me out a bit. My son usually looks more like an angelic cherub and looking at him zombie-like is unnerving me. Maybe it’s a mother thing? Anyway, I am going to have to work myself up to posting it so I’m sleeping on it. Silly really, but I think after this one I’ll stick to people I don’t know or objects. That way I won’t care!