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Something that sets it apart

There are so many portraits. Its nice to have smiles, especially from children, but sometimes the unexpected moment that you may pass over might be the shot that means more to the parent. An expression that is uniquely familiar will be cherished because it can take them back to a moment that they may otherwise forget.

I love this shot because it is an expression that I see regularly. The questioning, inquisitive, what are you about to ask me Mum face. That and the connection to the camera makes me feel like I’m in the moment.

Now, if I can only capture that for my clients, I will be a happy woman.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

I am looking to explore portraits. I love finding people through the lens.

I haven’t had much time to post as we are all sick so I asked my son to stay still and used Instagram for a quick edit. You can find me on Instagram as Midsommereve.

Here are three expressions of E.

The slight blur captured his movement perfectly.
Still at last.
In his "tent".