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Weekly Photo Challenge: cover art

I had a few friends over last night to take photos to edit specifically for Halloween. The light was accidentally left on in the roof and the shadows came through the vent. It looked interesting so we took a few photos there. I thought this might make an interesting album cover after a crop. (The Halloween photos turned out well and will be making an appearance on Halloween!)



Happy New Year!

For Christmas I received a macro lens. My New Years Resolution is to learn to use it…hopefully, eventually well.

In January I will be posting some macro photos as I take them. I imagine they won’t be perfect. I have already found the shallow DOF a challenge. It seems that without a macro specific flash I am struggling to get enough light to get the depth needed to focus on an entire object. Until I work that one out and put together a dodgy homemade reflector for my flash, I will just have to try to focus on parts of things. The light issue also means that even the images I think look sharp are in fact blurry on close inpection.

Sharpness = my ongoing obsession

Nothing gets past the macro lens! This fly tried, but only managed to make its wings look beautiful.
Nothing gets past the macro lens! This fly tried, but only managed to make its wings look beautiful.

The 25 Days of Christmas: 19. shadow

The setting sun causes long shadows. Often that isn’t great in photography, but you have to make it work if that’s what you have. Honk.


Looking for Light: exploring shadow

I have been feeling in a bit of a photography funk recently. A lack of opportunity to get out with my camera resulted in me losing confidence. I had only just started to learn anyway, but I expected that there would be some sort of lull.

I have recently started to take photos again. Mostly on my phone because that is what is with me. I would love an hour to photograph a subject that would pose for me, but I have neither the hour or the subject so my DSLR and its manual settings will have to wait for now (most of the time).

I am focusing on the basics again. Today while my boys played at the playground they gave me a flower. I took a few photos to explore the different effect the angle of light created. I knew I was supposed to try to light the face, but in this case I really liked the effect created by the shadows on the flower. It created depth and interest in my mind.

Lighting the face


Shadowy interest


Looking beyond the shadows: before and after photos


lying on a bench before
Here is the before image.


I thought in keeping with the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge of beyond I would have a look at an image I took a while ago.

I liked the concept, but it never worked. The photo was taken in harsh light and was shadowy. In the shadows at the back was a man lying on a bench in the botanic gardens. The lines lead straight up to him, but the shadows were too dark.

I decided to look beyond the original image and edit it to make it work the best it could.

I don’t often show the before, but here it is in all its glory.

It isn’t perfect, but you can see him now!!





lying on a bench