Using My Phone to Get Creative

One of the great things about a new baby is the inevitable desire to photograph every thing that happens and every detail to remember forever.

From a photography perpective it has renewed my desire to look for interesting images and shapes to capture. I found myself sitting with little “E” and watching the goings on around me. I may only have my Galaxy and Snapseed but its enough to get a few good, or at least interesting, images a day.

Here is one of little “E”.


He is so tiny at the moment. I want to remember that detail forever,  it will last such a short time.

Another random photo.


I took of my older son W. He was dressed up as a fairy doctor and something in the composition of this photo appealed to me. Its a rubbish photo without the filter but it becomes abstract enough with it to focus on the composition over the content.


4 thoughts on “Using My Phone to Get Creative”

  1. I have hundreds of photos of my children as babies, and then we only had film cameras! If we had digital I think I would have ended up photographing them every 5 minutes

    Beautiful photos, the filter on the descend one transforms it beautifully, and baby E, I can still remember how wonderful it feels when they fall asleep like that… You never want to move again…. And then you need a pee!


    1. LOL Yes I think in the last 5 min I have taken at least 30 photos :/ I am taking the time to indulge in the snuggles this time round as it will likely be our last 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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