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My Second Newborn Slept! Hoorah!

Wow! What a difference it makes when they are brand new and sleeping! The difference between a baby wide awake at 4 weeks and sleepy, bendy and 1 week is incredible.

I have decided now to start a facebook page for my photography. You can find me HERE if you are interested in having a look.


The Things We Do For Our Blogs!

I was going through my photos the other day. I had such a back log it was ridiculous. I discovered what I think is a bit of a gem amongst them. Its actually taken by my anaesthetist! With a bit of cropping and editing I think it turned out fairly well!

So here is my husband and I meeting our newest addition for the first time in the operating theatre! I think its a great photo. What do you think?

operate b&w

Thanks Anaesthetist!…boy, the things we do for our blog.

New Skills, a New Blog Name and a New Facebook Page

New Skills, a New Blog Name and a New Facebook Page

You are still in the right place! I have been rethinking my blog. It seems to be predominately about photography now as I become more obsessed at getting better at this. So I have renamed my blog to suit and given it a facelift. I have also decided to start a facebook page to relieve my personal facebook friends from having to see the many photos I post on facebook!

You can find me here:

Here is Baby E helping me to practise a new skill. I have been wondering how to photograph babies in a studio setup without having a studio. A sheet on the floor worked quite nicely.

Manual vs auto settings – Does my camera know best?

I have been taking some newborn photos. I have never had the opportunity to do any newborn photography and obviously with my own brand spanking new newborn it was the perfect opportunity to have a go at it. I haven’t mastered the setup and shoot thing yet. I don’t have the right lighting and my attempts at a background went horribly wrong, although it was a good lesson in shadow and light.

What I did have the chance to explore was whether I can make the manual settings on my camera work for me as opposed to the auto setting. I took a couple of shots with the settings on auto (mainly to make sure I didn’t end up with nothing at the end of the session) then I switched on to the manual settings. I much preferred the results on manual settings. They were lighter and cleaner. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed in editing shooting in RAW, but it saved me the hassle.


Original auto settings.


Original image with manual settings.

Then I wondered if editing was really necessary. Again, I think the results after I altered the image slightly were noticably better. I cropped the image to focus on the subject, lightened the face as it was slightly darker, removed blotchiness and reduced the redness in the skin.


I am happy with my first efforts at newborn photography. I am sure it could be improved, but its still going on the wall. Much repect to the talented people who get the newborns to sleep and in position for photographing! It would take me a lot of time and practise before I felt confident enough to shoot anyone else’s baby.