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Macro Month: Day 23

The dandelion.


Macro Month: Day 12

For anyone who was guessing yesterday’s macro shot. It was the blue liquid in a toy where the globules travel from the top to the bottom like a timer. That description is actually terrible. I don’t know how to describe it better, I am not sure of its real name? Perhaps you could tell me!


Today’s macro is a Marigold. Beautiful colour.

After Z comes 1

I wanted to use a photo that isolated one without actually being one thing.

Here it is 🙂 Have you seen enough pictures of children’s toys yet? Haha. Unfortunately I don’t have many options on days that I am at home.

For anyone turning their head to the side and looking confused.  That’s one yellow carriage.

X is for xylem

X is for xylem.

No, I didn’t make it up. It refers to the woody part of a plant, in this case a daisy. I found it was pretty difficult to get an inspiring photo of the middle of a daisy bush. There is a LOT of woody plant under the beautiful outside. The inside…not so much. So I decided to um…trim the daisy and poke part of it back in backward. In the interest of not harming any daisy bushes in the making of this photo I have replanted it and it will make a new daisy.

X is also for xanthic. It is a botanical term refering to a yellowish colour.

Our neighbours house has a huge cactus in the garden surrounded by some sort of lemon smelling thing. From what I can work out the neighbour has not set foot in the garden since the house was bought over 5 years ago. So when I walked into the front garden behind the fence and started taking photos I felt fairly confident that it was not a big deal and that I would not be discovered. I often pick the lemon smelling thing and put it on my dining table as it has an amazing lemony smell that permiates my house. I love it. It grows like a weed which is probably why it has survived in his garden, but I won’t be planting it in mine. I don’t need to, I have a ready supply across the road.

Anyway, the point of that was that the cactus has gone yellow this winter. It has been cold and I don’t think cactus are fond of that.

And just to be too clever for my own good I decided to combine xylem from the lemon thing and xanthic from both plants (neither are particularly happy). Take that X! Unfortunately I finished it up with a less than inspiring photo, but still.

And finally for your interest in the letter X (I know you are enthralled), Xanthippe. This is a shrewish or ill tempered woman, which is how I have been this morning after being woken up all night by W who is sick and E who is having nightmares. I’ll spare you a photo.

Here comes the Sun!

Just as I was lamenting that I could not do what I wanted with my blog layout, I have finally found a page layout I am happy with!  I am staying with WordPress!

The universe seems to be feeling my joy with two lovely days in a row and I just had to take a photo of the bees in my backyard enjoying a yellow flower. I am less sure that the bees were impressed when I (having no ability to zoom on an iphone) had to stick my hand right next to them while they ate.

I am… enjoying the sun!

Composition, point 2: drawing attention

Today is a very rainy, bleak day in my part of the world. I took this earlier after buying E an umbrella. Of course he wanted to go and stand in the rain. The Mum in me wanted to say no it’s too cold and wet, you will catch a cold etc, etc, but I remember how exciting it was under an umbrella in the rain as a child and so I said OK. I had researched the other day about framing in photography because I didn’t feel like I understood it. That was probably because I had read the concept name and no explanation?! So when I took this I felt like it did what is was supposed to do. The yellow umbrella helps to draw the eye to the subject (E) and is balanced out by the yellow stool at the bottom. I suspect otherwise all you would see would be the umbrella. The green plants frame and lead the eye back. I think the blue boots are balanced by the blue tones in the fence behind. I am happy enought that I understand the concept.

I am moving on to number 3.

E loves his yellow umbrella and I love the lesson it taught me about framing

I just noticed this too. I like it. Not sure how it will turn out, it has been heavily cropped from an iPhone image?!


Point 3 is Simplify. Simple is best. Remove anything that doesn’t help you tell the story. I have added this here because as it happens the above image is a good example. I cropped out the rest to simplify it because it looked better that way. Here is the original.