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She was kind enough to help me test out my lights and figure out how they work.

2014 07 26 HUDS001


Weekly Photo Challenge: inside

Yesterday I photographed a friend of mine outside in natural light to practise posing. She was a bit uncomfortable at the close up, plain face shots. So it was inside last night on photoshop that some ‘magic’ happened and the background got a bit more ‘interesting’. I love the result and as someone with a budget of exactly ZERO for backdrops it is quite handy.

Beautiful portrait

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the background

I was baffled as I took this photo on a self guided tour of Adelaide’s street art, at the number of people who walked right by and didn’t even notice the amazing work of art staring down at us! Even as I stood there photographing it only a small percentage of the passersby bothered to look up at what I was seeing. It pays to look around! 


Another on my tour I wanted to share.

That blue blur is my son.

Editing Portraits – Before & After

As someone who is teaching themself photography, editing can be tricky. Photoshop is complicated and my general philosophy is try and try again until something works. I have definitely improved my editing since I started. I haven’t shared that aspect of my photography yet so I thought I would.

This is a before and after of a portrait photo I took at my photography class. I didn’t get many photos of this woman, I think it was about 10-15 and most of them were unusable, but we were supposed to print out the good ones to give to them and I wanted all of our models to have at least one photo because they made the effort to come in and put up with us for TWO HOURS! So I edited this one and here is the result. I was reasonably happy with the result, but because the original had no smile and I don’t know how to put one there from another photo it still ended up looking fairly severe.

What I did when editing this image:
change the levels and contrast
remove blemishes and even skin tone
smooth out skin
highlight the eyes

I am sure there is more that can be done, but I don’t know how…yet.


I would like to thank Ms Blog Tutorial and Mr Trial and Error for their support of my journey thus far.