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Mount Lofty, Adelaide, South Australia

I stood waiting for the sun to set. As it did my fingers froze and the sunset was not outstanding. A few images salvaged. Ironically, the yellow of the sun reminds me of the fire that waited for me at home.

2014 08 04 MTLO001 2014 08 04 MTLO002


I am… looking at long shadows

I sit here this morning out the front of my house eating breakfast. I came out here to try to soak up the sunlight and instead have realized that it is definitely Winter. The shadows are long and although the light is very bright my body struggles to feel any warmth from it. I am acutely aware of my poor, cold fingertips trying to hold a spoon. They had assumed a leisurely breakfast in the sun would be a pleasure. My breakfast cereal even has an unexpected visitor. My son is enjoying running around in the wind, flapping his arms, pretending to be a bird. I suppose that is what counts.