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Macro Month: A Shell

I fell like the delicate ridges and colours come together to compliment the shell. What do you think?



Looking for Light: exploring shadow

I have been feeling in a bit of a photography funk recently. A lack of opportunity to get out with my camera resulted in me losing confidence. I had only just started to learn anyway, but I expected that there would be some sort of lull.

I have recently started to take photos again. Mostly on my phone because that is what is with me. I would love an hour to photograph a subject that would pose for me, but I have neither the hour or the subject so my DSLR and its manual settings will have to wait for now (most of the time).

I am focusing on the basics again. Today while my boys played at the playground they gave me a flower. I took a few photos to explore the different effect the angle of light created. I knew I was supposed to try to light the face, but in this case I really liked the effect created by the shadows on the flower. It created depth and interest in my mind.

Lighting the face


Shadowy interest


Before my human family there was and still is S.

Long before I met my husband and I had my children I made my own little family. This is S. She has a heart condition and is much older than she was ever expected to be. Isn’t she beautiful? Her quiet, gentle nature is tested by my boys who are the antithesis of her. I suspect the look on her face is something to do with that? Poor S, she just wants to lie in the sun and soak up the warmth in peace.