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October Photo Challenge: 1. Where You Stood

I had an unexpected visit to the beach today. As is always the case, the unexpected excursions are always the BEST! It was great. We happened upon some men out flying some amazing kites. You know the kind that are like huge inflatable animals? A jellyfish and a tiger floated above us and a snake that rotated around in an unending circle. They were fabulous. The pinacle of the day was watching them try to ‘roll up’ the kite. I get irritated just thinking about rolling up a small sleeping bag. I can’t even imagine tackling the jellyfish kite. Three grown men wrestled with it for at least half an hour before we left and I couldn’t see that they had made any real progress. They are probably still there now in the dark!

Anyway, while I was there I walked along the edge of the water as you do when you visit the beach. Here is where I stood today.