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Macro Series: Photo 7

The other day my boys played in the front yard. I took my iphone and a cheap macro lens outside with them. These are the photos I took.

onion flower


This face makes me happy.

Today I have been married for 5 years. I have nearly known R for a decade. In five years we have packed in so many life events I think his head is still spinning! For a person who doesn’t like change he is doing remarkably well adjusting to life with me.

The secret to our happy marriage is that we both think that we got the best end of the deal when we met each other. You know how sometimes you think another person is better than you in every way? Well we BOTH think that. We both feel like we have scored the deal of the century! It makes for great respect and never taking each other for granted.


By the way he will be horrified that he is appearing up this close on my blog.


Blown out of the water! My resolve.

Photo by Bree Vracic of Life In Still Photography, featured on Style Me Pretty.

ITS NOT MINE!! Booooooo, I wish.

Every now and then, usually when I think I have taken a few photos that I think are pretty nice, I stumble across a website or blog by an actual photographer who takes amazing photos (in my opinion) and makes me think I have no clue what I am doing.

I have been thinking recently about what I like as far as photography is concerned. I tend to have two styles I am drawn to. The first is photos that point out the beauty or interest of everyday things and life. I like them in black and white and also in colour and I find that often when I take photos they trying to emulate this style. I took a photograph recently of my brother’s partner. She was out in the bright sunlight in her sunglasses and she turned her head 90 degrees to look at me as I clicked. The photo had shadow and the inevitable skin rolls that occurred when she turned her head. When I went to edit the photo I considered removing them. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The I thought I should at least minimise them. I couldn’t even bring myself to do that! I considered why I didn’t want to remove them. If it was my photo afterall I would want them removed. I decided that the rolls were what made her human. If you turn your head and your skin doesn’t react there is a problem and the human element is what attracts me to these photos. Being human and living life is beautiful and I like to capture human.

The other style of photography I am drawn to I struggle much more with. I stumbled upon a website of a photographer, here, that works from the city I live in and I was blown away. Of course I immediately wished I could take beautiful photos like this woman. They are the polished, beautiful, light airy portrait photography you sometimes see especially with wedding photographers. I see these photos and I love them. If I was having my photo taken I would hope for something like them. If I were to take photos to give to a client I would hope they could be like that. I would be proud to show my work. The problem is they aren’t natural to me. I have no idea how to create them, but I would love to learn!

So now I have a path. I resolve to develop my skills in this new area for me. To try to capture the airy, clean feeling that is so alien to me. I have no idea where to start. Tips??