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The Final Shot

After all that concrete lying and nearly being trampled by a horse, the final photo didn’t quite turn out as I would have liked. Firstly there are people in the shot. If I had taken another shot with the same perspective I could have fixed it, but I didn’t. Noted and learned from. I wish I had held my nerve for slightly longer too. I thought the guy driving the tramway might think I was in the way so I tried to get out of the way before the hoof trod on my head.

Not too bad though. I changed it to a black and white shot to turn it into a sort of street photography feel. I felt it worked better with the people in the shot.



Weekly Photo Challenge: beyond

So there I am lying on the very hot cement, in the middle of the Australian summer, on my back, waiting for the oncoming Clydesdale horse with attached passengers to get close enough for the photo to be impressive and a bit different from the gazillion other photos taken of exactly the same thing. I was listening with good humour to the group of people on the other side of the tramway discuss their family photo and quietly mention the woman lying on the ground. They were shocked. That’s OK, it happens often.

I had been impressed at the way the clouds cooperated to converge on my focus point in the distance.

beyond jetty

After nearly being trampled by the Clydesdale I sat up. Always looking for a different perpective or something of interest I saw this beyond the fence pailings of the jetty.

beyond girl and horse