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Macro Series: Photo 7

The other day my boys played in the front yard. I took my iphone and a cheap macro lens outside with them. These are the photos I took.

onion flower


Macro Month: Day 7

This is the flower of rocket. You know the salad leaf? Well, when you grow it and don’t eat it all it goes to flower and this is the result. I love the powdery, visible pollen. Although I must say that the flowers are competing with the bright yellow flowers of the pak choy next to it in the garden bed and the bees much prefer the pak choy.

Macro Month: Day 6

When I took the photo of my snow pea flower earlier I saw the beginnings of what is referred to as ‘green candy’ in our house. Mainly because it is the only way we can get E to eat them, but the pod is called the ‘wrapper’. The wrapper is my favourite part and I was excited to see the start of what I consider to be the tastiest plant in the vegetable garden.

I love this photo because when I look at it I see a tiny, delicate beginning and when you look closely it is beautiful. It is nearly a shame I will be eating it.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 24. ‘capsicum seeds’

Call it capsicum or pepper. It is red.


Wow! Coming up to the end of July. I can’t believe I have managed to find a red related photo for the entire month!

I will be looking for ideas for August. Any suggestions would be welcome.

I will have a break from the colour series and continue the next month of colour in September.