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The Christmas List: 24. my Christmas tradition

Every Christmas Eve we watch the carols on TV and this year we are starting a new tradition. We are taking our eldest son E to see the lights. He is staying up late. That’s pretty rare in our household.



Misfits: What happened in season 3?!

Casting is a pretty important part of the success of a TV show. And i thought i had found it when I recently discovered Misfits. OK I am a bit behind the 8 ball. I saw season 1 and was hooked! My husband and I BOTH loved it! That can be pretty rare. And a big part of the fabulousness of Misfits was the character of NATHAN. He was an integral part of that show…which I realised when I saw the first episode of season 3. OH NO!! He had been disappeared.

Replaced by Rudy, who was still cheeky, only in all the wrong ways. The reason Nathan could get away with his shinanigans was his angelic, boyish looks. The contrast was hilarous and we cried from laughter with some of the things that went on in the first 2 seasons.
If you take away the good characteristics and replace it with a character who is cheeky, but not likeable in any other way, then you just end up with rude. I suppose hence the name. Rudy suits him. If they don’t get the casting right in Season 4 I am giving it away.


Is it just me? Are my husband and I the only ones mourning the loss of Nathan and a serious dip in enjoyment between seasons 2 and 3?