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The Christmas List: 2. Christmas Spirit

It pays to be more efficient with time over the holiday period. I don’t know why we are all of a sudden so much busier, but I for one seem to have a catch up with everyone I know crammed in before Christmas. So to kill two birds with one stone, I promised to show you my design for a Christmas Shirt for 2012. Here is E getting into the Christmas Spirit AND the tshirt (because trying to explain the joy of giving only goes so far with a 3 yr old I thought a tshirt was the next best thing!).

2 christmas spirit


Christmas Themed T-shirt: To buy or not to buy?

Christmas is coming up quickly and we love to celebrate a festival in this household. Its fun and it gives me a chance to get crafty.

Every year I wonder whether I should buy a Christmas shirt for my kids and sometimes for us too. Mostly my personal taste is not well represented in Christmas tshirts. So this year I have decided to design and make one with something that my whole family can wear. I have an idea in my head which I will create either by drawing or making on the computer and then I will use freezer paper to stencil it to a shirt. As a side note, in Australia you can’t just buy freezer paper. You either have to get it from a craft store or, like me, have it shipped to you from half way around the world! (I am dedicated to general craftiness) When I have finished the job I will post the results, but I encourage you, if you love Christmas, but aren’t happy with with what’s in store, have a go yourself! Freezer paper stenciling is one of the easiest craft projects around. And if you do, feel free to post me a link. I’d love to see your efforts 🙂

Remember I will also be doing ‘The Christmas List’ photo a day challenge in December and you can play along with that by tagging your photos #thechristmaslist and spreading the cheer!