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October Photo Challenge: In your town

These are a few things around the corner from where I live.

I wouldn’t call where I live a ‘town’ exactly. Its more of a city. The capital city of South Australia, although as far as capital cities go it is kind of town-like. Its one of the things I like most about Adelaide. It has everything you need without massive traffic and exorbitant costs of living. I can also drive 5 minutes up the road and hit the country of the Adelaide Hills. Ahhh, fresh air and country living. I dream of moving just that bit further out of the city to a country lifestyle while still being within easy driving distance of the city. If I just had less exotic hobbies I could move away from the cementscape altogether, but alas my tastes are just not mainstream.

The good thing about city living is the feast of interesting and varied subject matter to photograph!


October Photo Challenge: 17. fruit

This is a very small pear. At least it is well on its way to becoming one.

These are our espelier fruit trees in our garden. We don’t have room to let them go, but I like them this way. Once their limbs have grown they will become works of art no matter the season.

If our apple blossom is anything to go by we should have some good apples this year…only we aren’t likely to. They are so young that most of the fruit will fall as the tree is unable to support them yet. Looking forward to the future harvest!