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The 25 Days of Christmas: 22. happiness

Grandchildren bring so much…

Ahh Boo!
Ahh Boo!

OOOaaaaahhhhhrrrgggg bleeeuurrrgggghhhhhh!

Hmmm. It would appear that my love of the summer holidays is more of a participate than document on a blog thing.

It reminds me of an incident that occurred in my early twenties when I decided that it would be a great idea to walk my cat on a lead much in the same way you  might walk a dog. I got out the newly bought harness and decided to do a trial around the small front yard of the town house I was living in at the time. Fast forward 5 minutes to me trying to walk and the cat in the harness lying on the ground immobile. I tried a few steps to get the cat to stand up and it just lay there being dragged by the harness. Needless to say I stopped. A young woman dragging a cat around a yard on a harness is not a good look regardless that the cat would of been quite comfortable.

In the same way I have been dragging my blog through the Christmas season, posting photos on my iPhone when I could, but it is lying down and does’t want to move. I am all about going with the flow of life so I am letting my blog lie down and rest. I WILL STILL BE POSTING PHOTOS! Just not daily, particularly in January. I will be outside, playing with my kids, having cups of tea with my husband, photographing everything and enjoying the weather. When February comes around I might try using the WordPress challenge as a weekly prompt and post anything else that I photograph and want to share with you all.

Watch this space! I bet I will get creative now and want to post a whole heap of photos!…and I got lens’ and a tripod for Christmas….you know what that means!

A few photos I have taken in the past few days.

macro bees

roadside memorial

native bee


The Christmas List: 25. what I did today

I realise its a day late, but I had other things to do yesterday. Part of my present yesterday was a tripod for my camera so last night I played around with a few images using slow shutter speeds.

A few portraits of my brother N and a photo of he and his partner D.

nick christmas portrait

nick 3 christmas portrait

N and D love

The Christmas List: 26. my favorite gift

I loved all of the things people gave me, but I really love my new tripod. I had fun playing with it last night. My Christmas list photo for 25. what I did today is the result, but I have to get to a computer to get that on the blog so it will have to wait.


The Christmas List: 24. my Christmas tradition

Every Christmas Eve we watch the carols on TV and this year we are starting a new tradition. We are taking our eldest son E to see the lights. He is staying up late. That’s pretty rare in our household.


The Christmas List: 23 excitement

Imagine my excitement when I spotted Santa hanging out on a bench in the shopping centre today! To make it even more exciting he later burst into a spontaneous rendition of The Police’s ‘Roxanne’ in Target. Not JUST good for making toys Santa, heheh.


The Christmas List: 22. what Christmas means to me

Christmas means family to me. My family is the most important thing in my life. I love spending time with them and relaxing together. As holidays should be. I just snapped them, minus W who is already in bed, watching TV and playing. Who would have thought average could be so enjoyable? Yay for everyday life!


The Christmas List: 20. the weather outside

The weather outside today was perfect! This isn’t a photo of today, but the same perfect sky visited us. Blue with puffy clouds, can’t get much better. Warm, but not hot. Cool, but not cold. It was just the sort of day for spending outdoors, which we did.


The Christmas List: 19. favourite thing about Christmas

This was tough. I like the feeling I get from Christmas the best. Why do I get it? Probably positive childhood memory association. How to photograph it?? Well this is my son’s advent calendar. The calendar itself is nice but nothing special. The positive associations of surprise, excitement, happiness and general loveliness that he is now developing from doing this and other Christmassy activities is what I like best about Christmas. I hope that he will have such strong happy feelings in the same way I do.