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Just Because: A New Award

I decided to make a new Blogging Award. I think the sense of community that the bloggosphere provides is great. People read and love the effort that others make and they want to let them know. Only I think it would be nice to be able to award someone without there being any more expectations than that. Just to say ‘You’re blog is great’. That’s it.

So here is a new one

The Clements Award

The Clements Award

For outstanding blogs that make the blogosphere better!

It is a blogging award that you can give to the outstanding blogs you love. It is to let them know you love their blog and appreciate their efforts.

What makes this award different from others?

There are no strings attached. No requirements to accept it and no questions or links to write up. YOU GIVE THIS AWARD EXPECTING NOTHING IN RETURN. It exists solely to let bloggers know you love their blog and you think it is outstanding.

How do I give this award?

Leave a comment for your nominee telling them why you want to nominate them with a link to this post so that they can see what it’s about. Much the same as other awards.

What do I do if I receive the award?

The only guideline is to write a post displaying the award badge and thanking the person who awarded it to you with a link. It is only a guideline. You can accept the award without linking to the awarder, but it is polite to thank them. You can display the award on your blog with your other awards.

You can decline to accept by not writing a post accepting the award.