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The Christmas List 2013: Photo A Day Challenge

Last year I published a December Photo A Day Challenge that I called ‘The Christmas List’. This year it is back slightly altered. Titled ‘The 25 Days of Christmas’, I have decided to challenge myself until Christmas Day. I tend to go on a mental vacation after that until New Year so I am cutting myself some slack and stopping the list after Christmas Day.

I am also toying with the idea of trying to do the photos as macros where I can think of a way to do it. We will see!

The 25 Days of Christmas: Photo A Day List
The 25 Days of Christmas: Photo A Day List

There’s a facebook page for that

I decided to make a facebook page, HERE for The Christmas List as another way people can share their photos online easily. I noticed that the list is getting a few followers particularly on Instagram so people can easily leave a link to their photos through that if they like.

Yay Christmas.

Christmas Themed T-shirt: To buy or not to buy?

Christmas is coming up quickly and we love to celebrate a festival in this household. Its fun and it gives me a chance to get crafty.

Every year I wonder whether I should buy a Christmas shirt for my kids and sometimes for us too. Mostly my personal taste is not well represented in Christmas tshirts. So this year I have decided to design and make one with something that my whole family can wear. I have an idea in my head which I will create either by drawing or making on the computer and then I will use freezer paper to stencil it to a shirt. As a side note, in Australia you can’t just buy freezer paper. You either have to get it from a craft store or, like me, have it shipped to you from half way around the world! (I am dedicated to general craftiness) When I have finished the job I will post the results, but I encourage you, if you love Christmas, but aren’t happy with with what’s in store, have a go yourself! Freezer paper stenciling is one of the easiest craft projects around. And if you do, feel free to post me a link. I’d love to see your efforts 🙂

Remember I will also be doing ‘The Christmas List’ photo a day challenge in December and you can play along with that by tagging your photos #thechristmaslist and spreading the cheer!

November is coming: What to do for the next challenge?

The months seem to be going by faster and faster at this time of the year. November is already nearly here and so I need another photo challenge! I can’t say I have been that impressed with my efforts this month. I think I enjoyed the May photo challenge more. Perhaps it was because I had done it before and so I was less inspired?

Anyway, I think before I challenge myself fully with my December Photo Challenge, The Christmas List, I need to have a chilled out, flexible month. So I have decided to make it Elemental November. For each week in November I will be taking photos of each of the elements. Week 1: Earth, Week 2: Air, Week 3: Fire & Week 4: Water. And I will take a weekend break for the remaining two days before December starts and the silly season is upon us!

If you want to join in you can. Take as many or as few photos as you like. Tag your photos #elementalnovember so I (and anyone else who is interested) can find them and you can leave a link in the comments to your photos. I would love to see them.

‘The Christmas List’ Sneak Peak

This is a bit early, but I finished this this evening so I thought I would put it out there for those of you who are interested to have a sneak peak. I have tried to make a photo list that has a mixture of fun, easy prompts and some that make you think a bit and may challenge you (and me). Like any photo challenge the prompts can be interpreted in any way you like. They don’t even all have to be Christmas related photos if you prefer. You don’t have to be into photography particularly to have a go. Anyone can think about a prompt and take a photo. I would love to see other people’s interpretations so I hope that people will leave a link to their photos in the comments of the prompt post of the day. I will also post the list through Instagram for people who want to use it there.

If you are going to participate and like me, you like to see other people’s photos, share this so that others know about it.

Hashtag your posts #thechristmaslist so we can find them easily.

Don’t worry, I will repost this closer to December. Its just a first look at this stage. I was that happy that I got it finished! Woohoo.