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Weekly Photo Challenge: endurance

some things just last an age



Weekly Photo Challenge: object

BLOG object-shellBLOG object-shell3 BLOG object-shell2The effect created by the depth of field in this first photo is best seen enlarged.

This series of photographs focuses on the form of the shell distinct from its surroundings. The colours, brightness, level of grey tones and depth of field are all thought out and try to emphasise the character of the subject and contribute to the image. If I get time later in the week I might explore an object as instrumental in the telling of a story…if I get time.

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Backgrounds and Wallpaper

Its Christmas time again. That means the yearly personalised calendar. I always have plenty of photos to go into it (often too many to choose from), but I like to have a personal background too. So today I popped outside and looked for textures and backgrounds.

I look for interesting colours and textures that have enough interest, but nothing too outstanding to overpower the photos in front of them.

I thought I would share a few.

background brown leaves background fallen gumnut berries background gumtree trunk copy background lavender background red gumleaves background snail grass background tin