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October Photo Challenge: 21. calm

There wasn’t a lot of calm going on in our household today. We are reroofing our pergola so we had 4 adults and 2 children and stuff EVERYWHERE! At the end of the day (and plenty of other times on different days) I need one of these to keep me calm after the daily whirlwind that is my children. I drink chai tea religiously. I don’t think its what I drink that is important to me, but more the ritual of sitting down and having time to sit and think while doing nothing. I am pretty specific about that last part. Its best not to ask me to complete a task while the tea drinking is happening. The response will be politely terse, not calm.


And then there were two

We all know how fond of my tea cupboard I am.

Its a strange feeling when your Chai syrup looks at you. The look says, “Really? You’re putting us near the banana Quick?? That’s not appropriate. There are two types of beverage flavour and we are not THAT kind.”

At least they have each other.

T is for tea

T is for tea. Here is a selection from our tea cupboard. We drink A LOT of tea in our house. It’s a nightly ritual for R and I. If you come to my place you better be prepared to be specific if I ask you if you would like a cup of tea, haha.


I am…writing this with one hand and drinking a cup of tea with the other!

Too beautiful to drink

R and I decided to try a special type of tea for our nightly cup this evening. Bought from China, White or Green tea leaves are hand sewn along with a blooming flower into a ball. You put the ball into the hot water and watch it flower. They are so beautiful it seems a shame to drink them. I continue to sit here looking at it. I will update with the flavour of the tea when I can bring myself to destroy the tea.


Haha notice the stickers on the bottom of the glasses? We never drink wine, they have been broken out for tea for the first time.




We just had our flowering tea. I think it had great possibilities. We over steeped it wanting to see what would happen to the flower which resulted in a bitter taste. I think if it was steeped correctly it would have a delicate white tea taste that would suit the floral display perfectly. I will have to experiment with these again.