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Super…little guy

This is out the front of our house. Its as close to the street as my son is allowed to go without supervision. Ever since I Photoshopped him in his cape into a cityscape he has been obsessed with me photographing him as a superhero. That is him being very serious about superheroing. Followed by him being very serious about preventing me photographing him at all by rolling around on the ground. Fortunately it only takes a fraction of a second to get him when he checked to see if I was still watching.

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P is for prosecute

P is for prosecution. When I saw this sign on the side of the road I thought you couldn’t really ask for a more ominous warning. Did they pay someone to get it to age like that?!!

It is also for playing pretend. Whether it is E who was pretending to be a superhero or me pretending I was a professional photographer and putting a signature on a photo. Its all in good fun. I have seen so many photos with signatures on them I wanted to know how to do it, so I Googled. If I was a photographer this is what I would put on my photos. Incidentally I was trying to work out how to edit an image in Photoshop which also starts with P.

Its also for pants off time. Which invariably results in pee on everything. I’ll spare you the visual image…though I suspect your mind has taken care of that, heheh.

Weekly Photo Challenge: wrong

When I saw the challenge this week I thought ‘Oh no! I am going to find that hard!’ Then I thought that was the point! So I stopped worrying and figured something would present itself sooner or later.

Here it is. My son E pretending to be a superhero. I couldn’t get him to hold still and the light in the room was awful. It made for a really wrong portrait. I found it kind of an interesting result though.


Here is the closest I got to right. It had great potential.