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Weekly Photo Challenge: window

Out looking for interesting windows. Here is what I found.

It was found here. A bird hide in a local lagoon.

I also found a very high window.

In the local wheat silos.

What did we do before phone cameras?!
I found some other interesting things that weren’t windows so I will post them over the next few days separately.


Over the Back Fence

Recently I have been outside enjoying the last days of Summer where I live in South Australia. I have been noticably absent, but I can’t appologise for it. I decided to tear myself away and come inside long enough to share with you one of the incredible sunsets that have been keeping me away from I AM.

Rays of light
Rays of light

Word a Week Challenge: Clouds

I have never participated in this challenge before, but I stumbled upon it at Skinnywinch’s blog page and this image came to my mind. Taken from the front door step of my home. The sunsets where I live cast amazing light onto the clouds sometimes.


The Christmas List: 20. the weather outside

The weather outside today was perfect! This isn’t a photo of today, but the same perfect sky visited us. Blue with puffy clouds, can’t get much better. Warm, but not hot. Cool, but not cold. It was just the sort of day for spending outdoors, which we did.


Elemental November: Air

How to photograph air? It reminds me of the conundrum of explaining the wind to children. Hard to do and near impossible for them to understand. I do love a challenge though, so here is my first photo of AIR.

This photo was taken for the lines the clouds were forming. I felt they were really drawing me into the sky. The photo doesn’t capture the feeling of being there, but I still think it shows AIR fairly well.

If you want to show me your photos of AIR tag them #elementalnovember or post a link to them in the comments so I can have a look!

October Photo Challenge: 28. moon (2)

While R and I were out having our cup of tea tonight we noticed, in the perfectly clear night sky, the man in the moon watching us. I think he was wishing he could have a cup of chai.

Black and White Photography – Looking for contrast in the sky

I am still working on producing photographs in black and white that are worth viewing. I am considering what creates interest in these photos. From reviewing the photos I have taken so far it seems that those with contrast are better suited to black and white than those with lots of mid tones. Seizing the day on the way home at the traffic lights I saw some beautiful clouds with both light and dark and hoped they would be perfect for B&W!
Here they are.


I STILL couldn’t bring myself to make these black and white, they were better in colour.



The black and white photos I love all have striking contrast which seems to be easier said than done.

Oh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my photographic skills develop in a day…or a month I suspect. I read today somewhere that you should only compare your photos to your earlier photos, but it’s so hard with so many beautiful photos and talented photographers out there!

I am…humbled by the difficulty level of Black & White photography.

I am… enjoying the long weekend away

My husband is a teacher. This weekend he had to write school reports which is always very hard for him with two little people that want his attention more often than not. So I took them away to Waikerie in the Riverland. I couldn’t take many photos because my iPhone was going flat and I had forgot my charger, but today I knew I was coming home and only needed enough charge for an emergency call in case of disaster so I took a few before I left. I really noticed that some sort of zoom lense would have been useful, but I never get sick of the back of my son’s head and you don’t need to zoom on that, heheh.

I also put in another photo of W sitting. I had a closer look and I loved it.