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How many shots does it take…to change a lightbulb?

Just kidding. You know the old joke ‘How many … does it take to change a lightbulb?’. I couldn’t help myself. It popped into my head and I clearly need to work on self control.

Seriously though. When you are prefocused and zoomed and you ask someone to throw a stone into the water at a specific spot, any guesses how many shots it takes to get the right spot and splash?


More than I care to count.



The Christmas List: 25. what I did today

I realise its a day late, but I had other things to do yesterday. Part of my present yesterday was a tripod for my camera so last night I played around with a few images using slow shutter speeds.

A few portraits of my brother N and a photo of he and his partner D.

nick christmas portrait

nick 3 christmas portrait

N and D love