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The Christmas List: 11. community & 12. a child’s perspective

I thought I would combine two because I won’t get a chance to do one tomorrow!

This is the free Santa photo provided to the community in the local shopping centre. Santa was LOVELY. I think he must have been the real one.



July Photo Challenge: Colour Series, Red – 1. ‘Logistics’

Here it is. Day 1 of my July photo challenge. Posted a bit early because I have a huge day tomorrow and I just know I won’t get to doing it!

It can be a logistical nightmare for me to get my 2 kids to the shopping centre to get food. If it’s not nap time for one, the other is sleeping, or having a tantrum, or wanting to walk, or RUN in the carpark. So the car is parked in the parent spaces near the door and the kids are transfered from the carseat to the trolley to prevent shenanigans.
…Or I click and collect haha.


I am…on the lookout for RED!