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I is for…well, I! I mean me, but that doesn’t start with I

My iPhone doesn’t like night time. Generally the shots look really grainy like it has a hangover. At best I can achieve a slightly blurry, oddly colored mess. In the instance of an extreme close up of my own face I actually am pretty happy with that, haha.

I isn’t just a letter, it is a word.



I am…enjoying this challenge. It gives me so much scope.


July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 28. ‘self portrait’


It’s excursion day! We have woken up to heavy fog and rain…of course. I popped outside to try to get a photo of the mist sitting over the hills. Didn’t work, it was through powerlines, over houses and with no zoom.

But I decided to take a photo of the rain on our car, which turned into an early morning self portrait.

How is this red? The iPhone I use to take all of my photos is red.

…now to go adventuring in the rain.