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Weekly Photo Challenge: object

BLOG object-shellBLOG object-shell3 BLOG object-shell2The effect created by the depth of field in this first photo is best seen enlarged.

This series of photographs focuses on the form of the shell distinct from its surroundings. The colours, brightness, level of grey tones and depth of field are all thought out and try to emphasise the character of the subject and contribute to the image. If I get time later in the week I might explore an object as instrumental in the telling of a story…if I get time.

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Macro Month: Day 29

This was found on the beach in Western Australia by my parents and brought home for my son E. You can see the result of being in the sandpit as the crowning glory of a sandcastle all over it. You can’t go wrong with macro. Perhaps it is just me, but I think that seeing different coloured grains of sand so clearly is fabulous.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 22. ‘sand in my pocket’

On our recent trip to the beach (in Winter mind you) my son E immediately lay on the ground and did a sand angel. The result of playing on the beach for an hour was a pocket full of sand and a healthy coating all over to boot. I love that he has no concept of what he “should” do. Sometimes I have to stop myself before I say “No” out of habit and assess whether there is really a valid reason to stop him.

I am… suprisingly unphased at the idea of that going into the car?!!