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Elemental November: Water & Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I found it hard to think of anything for renewal. The obvious came to mind – photo of new growth. No need though, looking through plenty of photos out there showed me that that aspect had been thought of and photographed very nicely by plenty of people. I also thought of my own situation. Immediately renewal of marriage vows came to mind, but we have only been married for five years and organising that for a weekly challenge is possibly a bit much.

So when I was trying to think of water photos it occured to me that water is the ultimate in renewal. It washes away yesterday and makes way for today. It allows us to start fresh. And on a basic level an evening bath lets us wash away the days grime and start tomorrow fresh….and clean….relatively where kids are concerned anyway.

W interacting with water is way more interesting than an adult so here he is. Check out the facial expression in the second photo! Priceless.

W trying to catch the water. He could do this for hours.
Its shocking, but fun!
The spider tattoo is temporary, but shocked numerous mothers at the shops. I am not sure whether they were worried it was a real tattoo or a real spider!