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Merry Christmas: Santa’s Little Helper

Little E helped me out today. I found a hat. A Christmas hat.

portrait-cute-baby-christmas-santa-newborn-photography portrait-baby-santa-christmas-photography portrait-cute-baby-santa-christmas-photography portrait-cute-baby-santa-christmas-reindeer-photography cute-baby-santa-hat-portrait portrait-cute-baby-santa-reindeer


How does it make YOU feel?

I took a photo of a random object. I am interested to see if the feelings it conjures in me are different from those in other people. Alternatively perhaps you just see an object? I’d love to know.


I see sadness, emptiness and isolation. For the record it isn’t inspired by personal experience. It is a much loved swing that brings my children hours of fun!

October Photo Challenge: 24. weather

Oh man!

This is the second time I have been prompted to take a photo of the weather and this time (just as the other time) the weather was, well, non-descript. It was hot. “The sun!” I hear you thinking. No. There was no sun. It was overcast. “The clouds! They have great light and dark properties.” Again, no. They were uniformly grey with very little by way of light, dark or even dicernible shapes. It WAS windy…for about 20 seconds. Just long enough for me to run inside and grab the camera and come back to still trees. Here in a nutshell was the weather where I am today.

Mmmm, blanket grey. The thing photographic dreams are made of. Detect sarcasm?

In fact I felt so bad about posting today’s weather photo I thought I had better post a couple of other photos from today just to un-depress you!

The one interesting thing about today’s weather was the light. There was a third ‘golden hour’ at about 10am. It must have been the way the cloud cover interacted with the sun, but I was at the supermarket (minus the camera!) and couldn’t maximise the opportunity. You should have seen the eyes bug out of my head though! I was trying to work out how I could get home faster. Again at about 7pm we had lovely colour as the sun set. I arrived at my photography class early and happened to park in front of an ornate fence that I thought I could get some photography practise on and was delighted when I looked THROUGH the fence into the most detailed, well cared for garden I have ever seen. It wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste, but it was so unexpected it was a lovely surprise. It was someone’s sanctuary hidden right on a main road.

And it had one of my favourite roses growing. A red, climbing David Austin. The detail is beautiful.

When I think of the grey clouds I follow it up by thinking about the red roses and I am happy.

October Photo Challenge: 20. 4o’clock

I was doing homework at 4 o’clock. These were the ones that I took closest to 4 o’clock.

I had to take a minute to photograph this road considering what I was doing. Educating myself in photography (motion photography today) is a journey.

Incredible colour from the tree I was standing under. All I had to do was take the time to look up.

Beauty where you might not think to find it. I loved the colour and texture.

October Photo Challenge: 9. red

You know I haven’t left the house for a while when I start taking a lot of garden photos, but this happens to be the most beautiful,classic red rose I know.

It’s also my little W’s birthday today. 1. Where did that time go? Too cute for words in my completely biased opinion!

Happy Birthday W.

My First Go Photographing: Vintage Cars

I said in an earlier post that I would get around to organising the photos of the vintage cars that were parked at my parent’s house while I was visiting them. A Chrysler Valiant and Mini. I haven’t photographed cars before so this was new. I didn’t really know what to photograph so I tried to focus on things that I thought were interesting about them and a few that focused on the name logos. I did take a few the entire car and I have to say that from my perpective at least I found them less interesting. I suppose that is because I like the shapes, shadows and colour as opposed to any real interest in cars. I did conclude that I liked photographing the mini (the red colour was easier to make look attractive in the available light than the off white colour), but I prefered the Valiant as a whole.