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Macro Month: Agapanthas

Agapanthas flower



Macro Month: Day 8

This is another flower that looks much better close up. These grow under my window in boggy soil in full shade. I threw some seeds in in frustration at NOTHING growing and most of what I threw in there didn’t grow either. Months later these popped up. They are actually pretty straggly looking, but they put some colour in my garden and I do love colour. I continue to be amazed by the intricate beauty of flowers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: purple


Thought I would do one that was just the weekly challenge theme. This is my well used first baby journal that I wrote in nearly daily when I was first pregnant.

25th April, 2009
2pm: I may have felt the baby move?! Not sure but during Australia at the end, the music was quite stirring and I felt a gentle movement…’

(It was ANZAC Day, we watched the movie Australia and yes, it was the first time I felt my baby move. E still loves moving and responds instinctively to music)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple, COMBINED with Daily ABC challenge!

I said that I would try to combine my photo a day alphabet with the WordPress weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is purple and as far as I can tell it finishes tomorrow! So I thought I had better add one. I will try to combine the two once a week.

B is for bottle, in which this purple water lies. It is part of 5 coloured water glitter bottles I made for my kids.