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Holy Smoke Batman, I Married The Joker!

I showed my husband some photos I had taken of flowers around our place today and he asked me if I would focus on botanical photography when I got a camera? It made me think about my subject matter and why I was photographing objects.

My answer was that I took photos of these things because to take a decent photo on my phone the subject needed to stay still and my toddler and baby are difficult to keep in one place so it takes me a long time to get a photo…then I asked him if I could photograph him. I am equally interested in portrait photography and R had come home from school today after ‘hairlarious’ day with the best imitation clown hair going around and it needed to be documented. I love this photo. R looks freaky and not at all like himself, but just like The Joker! Weird clown smile…perfect for the portrait! Excuse the poor quality, the light in the room was not great.


What an odd start to portrait photography. Gotta love R though, best husband ever. xx


The internal pondering of a 2 year old?

As I often do, I was playing with the boys on our bed today. They seem to love it?! Anyway, E had his blanket and was all snuggled up and I caught him pondering…what? I am not sure of the internal musings of a 2yr old, but I love this photo for the possibilities of what could be going through his mind.


I was just looking back through the photos I took in that session and came across this.


You have no idea how much cajoling went into getting E to put his head on the bed!
Reminds me of Yin and Yang. Pity about the pyjama pants in the bottom left corner! I hear Photoshop calling…

I had to pay E for putting his head down by taking a picture of his hand. Here it is.


He loved it.

I am… taking photos of my kids

While I was outside exploring my backyard this morning I came across a rock next to our shed that was essentially a shade of yellow and I was looking for something blue to put inthe photo. I turned around and stared at my son’s gumboots which were a very bright shade of blue and so I asked him to sit near the rock. That turned into him “posing” for me (running away from me while I chased him with the camera) and then I got a shot or two of W when he woke up. My favourite subjects.