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May Photo Challenge – 17. snack

When I presented a broken YoYo like this to E who is 2 yesterday, he told me “No Mum, I need a different biscuit”. I think he would only eat biscuits if he had his way. After a full breakfast of more porridge than I could eat, he always tries to tell me he needs something else. “Would you like some fruit E?”, “No, I need a biscuit”. Cheeky.


May Photo Challenge

I have been doing the May Photo Challenge this month and although it has gone a bit pear shaped since I have swapped my blog to a new site, once I get it (how to work the blog) sorted out I will be back at it! I am enjoying taking photos of some things other than JUST my kids. Although they are my favourite subjects this is getting me to think about how to photograph other things. I am no photographer, but I think I would like to get better at it…practise, practise, practise