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The Christmas List: 26. my favorite gift

I loved all of the things people gave me, but I really love my new tripod. I had fun playing with it last night. My Christmas list photo for 25. what I did today is the result, but I have to get to a computer to get that on the blog so it will have to wait.



The Christmas List: 19. favourite thing about Christmas

This was tough. I like the feeling I get from Christmas the best. Why do I get it? Probably positive childhood memory association. How to photograph it?? Well this is my son’s advent calendar. The calendar itself is nice but nothing special. The positive associations of surprise, excitement, happiness and general loveliness that he is now developing from doing this and other Christmassy activities is what I like best about Christmas. I hope that he will have such strong happy feelings in the same way I do.


Its THAT time again

It’s coming to the end of the month and I need to choose a new theme for September. I was a bit undecided until it arrived in the mail this morning. Its about 1cm in diametre and 5mm deep and magnetically clicks onto my iPhone. Yep, September is ‘Macro Month’. No flower is too big or small, no surface too safe. I will be getting up close and personal with all sorts of tiny things.

Here’s one to get you started. A pansy from my garden. I love Pansys, they remind me of my Grandmother.

You may be wondering why, since I posted about buying my first SLR camera, I would be persisting with my iphone? Two reasons. 1. It is ALWAYS with me. When I sleep at night I have my husband one side and my phone the other, and 2. I am not nearly ready to be showing you anything on the camera yet! That thing is awesome in it power and its possibility, but I am definitely not Jedi enough to be sharing that one. Until I get some understanding of the manual controls I will be only be blogging my iphone images.

As an aside, I have decided to start off the bat by using the manual controls on the SLR. I hear stories of how difficult it is and I figure if I let myself get used to the camera thinking for me I will never be inclined to switch over, so day 1 I flipped it over and had a play. LOTS of lovely blurry unusable images and I only swapped over to Auto for a bit when I freaked myself out thinking about the number of possible combinations using the manual buttons and dials! I am doing as much reading as I can to try to get my head around it, but I may have to invest in at least a basic course on SLR cameras. If nothing else it will get me out of the house! Haha.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple, COMBINED with Daily ABC challenge!

I said that I would try to combine my photo a day alphabet with the WordPress weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is purple and as far as I can tell it finishes tomorrow! So I thought I had better add one. I will try to combine the two once a week.

B is for bottle, in which this purple water lies. It is part of 5 coloured water glitter bottles I made for my kids.