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December Challenge: Its that time again…and the most wonderful time of the year!

Its that time again when I think about next month’s challenge.

For anyone who follows this blog you will already know that I have been preparing for my December Photo Challenge this year by making my own Christmas themed challenge.

It had to be done.

And it can be found here.

I happened to post it on Instagram #thechristmaslist and it looks like people will be doing it there too! Because of that I then I made a facebook page called ‘The Christmas List’ for people to share links to their photos. Social Media blows my mind sometimes.

Why A Christmas List?

I wanted to do something Christmassy because I enjoy the feeling of Christmas. For me it has always been positive and I get happy glaze just thinking about it.

I think it can be celebrated (or at least aspects of it) irrelevant of your personal beliefs on different levels. Who can resist a holiday that celebrates positivity, giving, generosity and happiness? Whether you choose to participate in religious or commercial aspects is entirely up to you.

I tried to create a list that had some easy(er) photos (we are all pretty busy this time of year) and some prompts that take a little bit more thought and provide more of a challenge. I also challenge anyone non-Christmassy to undertake the challenge interpreting the challenges in non-Christmassy ways.

I am looking forward to seeing people’s interpretations. I haven’t done a list before so I am a little bit excited! Just adds to the Christmas Spirit.


‘The Christmas List’ Sneak Peak

This is a bit early, but I finished this this evening so I thought I would put it out there for those of you who are interested to have a sneak peak. I have tried to make a photo list that has a mixture of fun, easy prompts and some that make you think a bit and may challenge you (and me). Like any photo challenge the prompts can be interpreted in any way you like. They don’t even all have to be Christmas related photos if you prefer. You don’t have to be into photography particularly to have a go. Anyone can think about a prompt and take a photo. I would love to see other people’s interpretations so I hope that people will leave a link to their photos in the comments of the prompt post of the day. I will also post the list through Instagram for people who want to use it there.

If you are going to participate and like me, you like to see other people’s photos, share this so that others know about it.

Hashtag your posts #thechristmaslist so we can find them easily.

Don’t worry, I will repost this closer to December. Its just a first look at this stage. I was that happy that I got it finished! Woohoo.

The Christmas List, December Photo Challenge

I have been thinking about what to do for my November and December photo challenges already.

As you may know if you have read my about me page, I am a stay at home mum. What isn’t on there is that I am also a Christmas Elf. I would not describe myself as being specific to any one religion, I can’t think of any that don’t have something positive to offer. I embrace what resonates with me irrelevant of it’s origin and I celebrate festivals and holidays that make me happy.

Christmas makes me happy. The song The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year sums it up for me. Positivity, family, gift giving, kindness, generosity with a generous sprinkling of festive decorations and fairy lights can’t be bad in my book.

So to celebrate Christmas I have decided to create a December Photo a Day list I’m calling The Christmas List with prompts that celebrate the festive nature of Christmas.

I thought about just doing Christmas photos, but I thought that maybe there might be other people who enjoy the festive season as much as I do and might like to join in.

If you do, I would love to see a link to your photos so I can see what you come up with. That way I can enjoy other people’s perspective on Christmas and I might even reblog a few that I love.

Even if it’s only me, at least I will have my prompts set out clearly. I am looking forward to it. I will post The Christmas List as soon as I get it organized.

I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback or ideas.