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The 25 Days of Christmas: 17. Peace

Sleep in heavenly…

You can’t get more peaceful than a sleeping baby and a soft, grainy, black and white seems to work for this prompt.


Weekly Photo Challenge: through my eyes

The world as it appeared to me standing by the jetty of Lake Bonney in Barmera, South Australia. I was using my camera phone but still trying to find the best perspective. What do you think? A, B, C or D?









Which appeals to you most?

A few more from the card

I have been taking quite a few photos in the last few days. I am visiting my parents so I have the chance to leave the kids with their Grandparents and go off for a few hours and take photos…uninterrupted! Instead of posting 50 photos at once and overloading (boring?!) you to death I will post a couple at a time when I get a chance.

These were all taken this evening at a place near Waikerie in the Riverland called Broken Cliffs. It is a treasure trove of fossils and my husband (who has a science background) loves going there to explore. I love going there to take photos! The cliffs are a yellow tone and in the evening sun they light up. Beautiful. These are a sunset series taken across the River Murray. This evenings photos were an improvement on last evenings too. I am happy with the progress I have made in working out exposure settings on the DSLR. Heading in the right direction.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

As a final comment on growth I wanted to highlight myself. I started taking photos in May with my first photo challenge. I have been taking and blogging photos everyday in the last 3 and a half months to try to improve. The first photo I took was using the prompt peace. Here it is in all its glory.

Look at that photographic genius! haha

Here are a couple I took the other day with the same iphone.

They might not be perfect, but in my opinion they definitely show growth.