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I went walking. What did you see?

I went walking.
What did you see?


I saw graffiti carved in a tree.

Mem Fox anyone??


Now and Then – Photo Filters Make You Look Closely


My husband was looking at old photographs in black and white tonight as research for his work. They were historical and had that “feel” about them that old photos have. I was then looking at a photograph I took today at Waterfall Gully in Adelaide, South Australia and I felt it had the same “feel”. I grabbed a sepia filter and voila. If it wasn’t for the line of cars in the carpark you might mistake it for a different time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

When I heard this week’s photo challenge I immediately had an image of a single tree in an empty space. Of course as often happens with my two boys, the opportunity I had to take these photos was limited to hanging out of the car while we drove past as they slept in the backseat. We have experimented with stopping to take photos and invariably they wake up. Frankly, its not worth the afternoon spent with two kids under 3 who haven’t had enough sleep. So grabbing a shot here and there is how it is for now.

Here are the few photos I took that were usable.

Photography: musings from the mangrove mud

I have had a reasonably interesting past week. I went to the zoo and then on the weekend our family went to the Mangrove boardwalk for an excursion. E who is two, loved it. His father is a science primary school teacher and so it ended up in a science lesson! E took ages walking along the boardwalk throwing the seeds that had fallen on the boardwalk into the mangrove mud to make a new tree.

The mangrove roots stick out of the mud to get air to the trees in high tide.

Strong midday light and extraordinary mangroves with lots of detailed branches made it hard to get a good shot of the boardwalk.

One of the mangrove seeds E was so fascinated by. It is a shame my iphone thought it knew better than me and refused to focus on the seed, instead choosing the plank of wood behind. Interesting choice iphone.

You know I got artsy. I liked the shape and contrast of this corner of the boardwalk.

My husband noticed this. I knew I married him for a reason! haha I love that he always keeps an eye out for anything that looks interesting and they are often good too.

The steep decent from the lookout above the canopy.

Explorers R & E.

Playing with filters. I took this photo of R while walking along and I knew he wouldn’t like it, so it got death by filter!

The Marina near the entrance of the boardwalk. After waking up to rain and fog it turned into a beautiful day!

I found a still life on the way in. I love the colours. I was talking about harmony in a post about composition using colour throughout to bind the areas together. The yellow tones in the wood are repeated in the paint and the water in the terracota pot.

I even found interest in the junk on the side of the track.

Oh man!!! YES! I photographed the drain in the bathroom! I thought it looked interesting and actually said a lot about the bathroom. There was NO LIGHT in the bathroom. An unattended place, it was pitch black on the inside except for the light that came in under the crack under the door. Fortunately, being a mother feeding a baby, I am expert at moving around in the dark. And I liked the shadows.

Poor little guy had to spend his time in the stoller again. He is way too curious and mobile for a boardwalk with a drop off into mangrove mud!

I am…wishing everyday was excursion day!