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October Photo Challenge: 10. emotion

Some people, often little people who haven’t been socially constructed to hide their feelings yet, show their emotions clearly. This is sad.

Sorry it is so late today. Busy day + computer testing my patience = late post (I failed the patience test by the way)


October Photo Challenge: 7. light

I took these this morning. There is something special to me about the morning light. Perhaps it feels ‘clean’ somehow, like the day hasn’t yet been tarnished by life’s goings on.

We have a tradition in our home to plant the traditional Wedding Anniversary flower in our garden as we reach our anniversary. The cosmos have thin, delicate petals and the sunlight lit it up. I noticed it this morning when I woke up. I looked out of my bedroom window and it was highlighted by the morning sun.

Our front door. I took this on a whim coming back inside after photographing the flower. The sunlight transformed it (at least in my eyes) into something beautiful.

October Photo Challenge: 4. What you read

I don’t get much time to read these days. There is always something I SHOULD be doing. I do love reading though. I am especially fond of classic novels from literary masters like Dickens or Austen, but when I really want to read something easy and quick I can’t get enough of Agatha Christie. Its like junk food for me. What is it about the combination of murder mystery, a different time period and pleasant English countryside that I like so much?? It even extends to television programs like Midsomer Murders and a show that came on over the Summer ages ago called Rosemary and Thyme. I like watching  people solve a mystery in a beautiful setting. Bizarre.