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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy, (also October Photo Challenge – 8. angles)

There are a lot of things that make me happy. Extraordinary and mundane things alike give me enjoyment. In fact I would say that I could find something in just about anything that would make me happy. The gallery thing didn’t seem to work?

I have also incorporated today’s October Photo Challenge – 8. angles into this post. My front door is a right angle and although its a pretty lame effort, I just didn’t get time to take anything better today. I may put in an additional angle shot later if I ever get to the place I had in mind.

Anyway, enjoy happy.

My garden fence is picketted and scalloped. Designed by me, for me. I love it and looking at it makes me happy everyday.
My solar panels make me happy because in the face of the recent electricity price hike, they are saving me a lot of money.
I am developing quite a collection of coloured thongs. They make me happy because I can put them on and off quickly and my feet feel like they aren’t wearing shoe even when they are. Can’t really go wrong with that.
I love the colours of the flowers in the pots by my doors. They are currently snapdragons and marigolds. I am also happy that I have taken a photo of them because if they follow the trend of the other things I have grown in pots they will likely have a lifespan of about 2 weeks. That makes me less happy.
My husband and best friend R definitely makes me happy. When he is smiling you can’t help but be happy. Even when we argue I am happy to be arguing with him and no one else.
Macro photography makes me happy because it reveals little details about ordinary things that really aren’t ordinary at all if you look up close! This photo is of a lavender flower and their scent also makes me happy for its lovely smell and that it reminds me of my Grandmother who I not only loved, but respected as a person in her own right.
My son makes me happy because he is awesome and I also feel happy watching him be happy while he plays his games. How his brain thinks also makes me happy…and often amused.
I am pretty sure that W’s kissy face makes everyone in the world happy.
This is NOT MY PHOTO. I can’t even credit it becuase my computer shut down while I was trying to do the link. It is from a blog that showed it as a link from another site that was no longer there. BOO šŸ˜¦ I had to put it in because fairy lights and 50’s style full skirts make me VERY happy. Christmas in general also makes me happy, so much so that I am developing my December Photo Challenge list ‘The Christmas List’. As a foot note to that. Elf the movie also makes me happy. I could watch that movie daily.
Blossoms make me happy. Its like having natural wedding confetti! Beautiful
Roadtrips with my family and travelling or adventuring make me happy. I love exploring new places and discovering new things. I have a thirst for knowledge that I don’t remember ever not having and new things satisfy that thirst.
My yellow walls make me happy. I have always wanted yellow walls and I finally got them. Yay yellow. This is also today’s October photo challenge photo for angles. Mainly because I didn’t get a chance to take a great angles photo. In the interest of making sure that I get one on each day. This is it!
My handmade monogrammed doormat that cost me $6 all up. It makes me happy in its own right, but it also represents all of the creative crafty things that I do that make me happy for the creative process and also the end result.
My vegetable garden makes me happy. People thought I was mad when I said it had to look beautiful too. The flower pot in the middle was viewed as pointless, but I am happy everyday that I did it. I love how it looks and I love how the vegetables we grow taste and save us money. Who said things can’t be beautiful AND practical?
A blossom from my crab apple tree. The delicate pale pink colour and the blossoms make this one of my prize possesions. The blossoming doesn’t last long, but it is an amazing looking tree while it does. Happy.
W taking his first steps represents all of the milestones that my children take. Watching them develop into happy, healthy, well adjusted individual personalities makes me very happy.

Well, those are some of the things that make me happy. Finally, being happy makes me happy. Its kind of a positive feedback cycle. I am going to go and have cup of tea now with my husband. That is also going to make me happy.

I hope that everyone else is enjoying life too.


October Photo Challenge: 7. light

I took these this morning. There is something special to me about the morning light. Perhaps it feels ‘clean’ somehow, like the day hasn’t yet been tarnished by life’s goings on.

We have a tradition in our home to plant the traditional Wedding Anniversary flower in our garden as we reach our anniversary. The cosmos have thin, delicate petals and the sunlight lit it up. I noticed it this morning when I woke up. I looked out of my bedroom window and it was highlighted by the morning sun.

Our front door. I took this on a whim coming back inside after photographing the flower. The sunlight transformed it (at least in my eyes) into something beautiful.

October Photo Challenge: 4. What you read

I don’t get much time to read these days. There is always something I SHOULD be doing. I do love reading though. I am especially fond of classic novels from literary masters like Dickens or Austen, but when I really want to read something easy and quick I can’t get enough of Agatha Christie. Its like junk food for me. What is it about the combination of murder mystery, a different time period and pleasant English countryside that I like so much?? It even extends to television programs like Midsomer Murders and a show that came on over the Summer ages ago called Rosemary and Thyme. I like watchingĀ  people solve a mystery in a beautiful setting. Bizarre.