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She Slept Like a Delicate Angel

So peaceful. So beautiful.



My Second Newborn Slept! Hoorah!

Wow! What a difference it makes when they are brand new and sleeping! The difference between a baby wide awake at 4 weeks and sleepy, bendy and 1 week is incredible.

I have decided now to start a facebook page for my photography. You can find me HERE if you are interested in having a look.


Let There Be Light!

But only if its good light.

I finally decided to get myself some lights. I am only really able to do anything, unless someone is looking after my children, at night. Enough said. I had resisted getting lights because so many photos I see look ‘studioish’. You know what I mean. Hotspot here, too dark there, flat, shadow in distracting spot. The list goes on. I have no idea why I decided to become obsessed with photography? It must be the most complicated obsession around. Anyway, I set up my lights last night. I am interested in newborn portraits so I had a go. I didn’t have a newborn. I had to use a teddy. I also wasn’t happy with the placement of lights in the beginning. In the end I had one with a softbox facing┬áthe front of the bear and one without anything aimed at the ceiling, then used a reflector (balanced on my head due to lack of assistant!) to reduce the shadows I didn’t like and to introduce a catch light in the eyes. I had to use an ND filter as the lights were too bright for the space. Obviously this is going to need to be refined if it is going to be workable, but I am reasonably happy with my first effort.

Behold, the bear!


Photography: Editing skintone, first attempt!

This is my first attempt at altering skintone in Photoshop.

I found a photo of my son taken when he was first born. It’s just a point and click, but I love it. Probably because it evokes so many memories. Tiny fingers and toes, sleepy faces, so delicate and struggling to learn a new way of living. I feel like I want to protect that newborn baby even though he is now 10 months old and much more rough and tumble! Such a fleeting time in our lives, I am glad it was captured to remember with clarity forever.

I thought since I am trying out ways to edit photos in Photoshop that I would see if i could improve the skintone in the original photo. I used a tutorial I found here.

I found it fairly complicated and I bumbled my way through. I think the results are OK. I will have to go over it several times so that I understand more about what I am actually doing. I think only then will I be able to do it with any confidence.

Here is the final result. Hopefully you can see a difference! I could, but I put them next to each other the same size to check.