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October Photo Challenge: 28. moon (2)

While R and I were out having our cup of tea tonight we noticed, in the perfectly clear night sky, the man in the moon watching us. I think he was wishing he could have a cup of chai.


Travel Theme: Foliage

I love to hear people’s thoughts or comments so when it was suggested that I give the Travel Theme of Foliage a go I thought, “Sure, why not?!”. It was night at the time, but there is nothing like the present so out I went into the COLD. My neighbours no doubt thought the crazy lady on the corner is out there again with her camera, standing on her front door step pointing the camera up toward the sky. Frame no good…step back..check…frame no good….two steps left, bend top half to the right, cock head to the right slightly, click…frame no good…repeat, 1 step to the front and half a step to the left with a slight knee bend…got it…hooray! All in a dressing gown and Ugg boots that look a lot like Santa’s boots with red laces. Hmmm…the neighbours are used to it now. Probably didn’t even blink.

Our Cedar tree is MESSY! It is just coming to spring and these berries will all fall onto my garden and sprout mini Cedar trees everywhere. My 1 year old likes to eat them, they taste sweet. You can see the beginnings of the flowers starting to bloom. Soon the tree will be covered with tiny white flowers that look like confetti and the spring breeze will make it “snow” in our front yard. The flowers will be replaced with small leaf sprouts that will grow on stems that also fall in Autumn. It is not what you typically think of as foliage, but it is what adorns our tree at the moment and for all its messiness I do love the shade its foliage provides us in Summer. It provides a shady place for the boys to play in the sprinkler or for me to sit and watch them ‘help’ me by watering the garden (themselves!)