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The Christmas List: 8. reflection

I was at a loss an hour ago about what to post for today’s photo. I could have interpreted it reflection on the year past, but I didn’t have time to get that deep and meaningful.

Instead my son wouldn’t go to sleep. He stayed up for a bit longer than usual so that he could see our Christmas lights that we turn on when it gets dark (about 8:30pm due to daylight saving time). Then I lit up some candles we have in our house and I asked him what he thought of our angel candle you can see inthe background. The heat from the candle flame makes the convection wheel spin like a windmill, moving the angels and casting a light on the wall. He looked and said he liked it. Then he asked me if that was a reflection in Garp’s bowl (Garp is his goldfish)? He looked confused after as I yelled “Yes!” and I ran from the room. “Are you OK Mummy?” he asked me? I replied that I was OK, but I needed to get the camera. Lucky for the eyes of a three year old!

Meet Garp.

8 reflection