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October Photo Challenge: 27. looking back

Oops. OK so forgetting to post my photo on the day once since May isn’t too bad. I’m cutting myself some slack. It looks like the October challenge is hobbling to a close!

Here is yesterday’s prompt looking back. In more ways than one! I had to look back through the archives when I realised I forgot to find something suitable.


Stop taking photos of you taking photos!

Today my family was on another long drive. My husband and I always argue over who gets to do the driving because we both like to drive, it doesn’t matter where we are going. Anyway, today he got to do the driving. So I decided that the best way to spend my time was to take a million photos from the moving vehicle. It can be pretty hard to get a clear focus of the trees whizzing past, but our car and us were consistent so I took a photo of me…again. Another self  portrait! As an aside, I am particularly proud of the pinky flair happening in the photo! Who knew I take photos the same way you might drink a cup of tea? Does make for a pleasing shape though. Let’s pretend I did it on purpose for the composition.

I am… at the playground

I took the boys to the playground on the way home today. It was a consolation really, we had been going to meet people and we had a car disaster so it was the playground on the way home or nothing. They didn’t mind too much. I, of course, whipped out old trusty and started taking photos…


It’s hard to get a good shot when you can hardly see the screen.


I’m pretty sure there would be a fairly strict composition rule about not having a great big whopping line through someone’s head. oh well?!