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Weekly Photo Challenge: object

My first set of photos looked at an object as something to appreciate in and of itself.

This photo uses an object to illustrate a story. If you have a minute I would love to hear YOUR story to accompany this image.



October Photo Challenge: 12. on the table

You know those stay at home mums who keep an immaculate house and give their kids educational activities to develop them? I am not that Mum. When I saw the prompt for today’s photo ‘on the table’ I thought about cleaning it up. But I think half of the reason so many of us feel inadequate is because we compare ourselves to the public face that people show. I could of cleaned up my table and shown you a lovely bowl of flowers (cue groaning from those of you who are sick to death of flower photos), but it only looks that way on rare occasions when I am trying to impress people. Most of the time it is a storage hub for the goings on from the day. Craft bits, things I find on the floor and need to get away from the hungry jaws of a 1 year old who will eat anything (except what he is supposed to!), food related things, tissues, you name it, it may be there if you look under something.

So here are a few photos of my table the way it was when I read the prompt. I personally think it is more of a compliment to show people the way you truly live, after all it shows that you don’t feel the need to pretend with them. I am and my table is.

This one is my sons’ craft table. We were making Halloween decorations today. He likes cutting things with his plastic scissors. Give him paper and you will find it everywhere. He loves it though. Worth it I reckon.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 22. ‘sand in my pocket’

On our recent trip to the beach (in Winter mind you) my son E immediately lay on the ground and did a sand angel. The result of playing on the beach for an hour was a pocket full of sand and a healthy coating all over to boot. I love that he has no concept of what he “should” do. Sometimes I have to stop myself before I say “No” out of habit and assess whether there is really a valid reason to stop him.

I am… suprisingly unphased at the idea of that going into the car?!!