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Lens flares weren’t meant for this.

I was looking through a few photos I had taken a couple of weeks earlier and came across this photo of a gerbera. It was OK. Not great, but I started to edit it and realised part way through that it wasn’t really salvagable so in desperation before I completely gave up on it I started playing with filters. I decided it might be interesting to make the centre of the flower look as though it was opening to reveal something with a bright glow, aka. magical being or whatever you imagine. Fake lens flares can be fairly cringe worthy so I thought I would go with it by using the lens flare filter in a way that was obviously not natural. Its not something I do really, but it was a bit of fun and what better place to showcase how I amuse myself than on my blog!

DSC_0376 edit

What do you imagine might be revealed at the centre of the flower?