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My Journey Takes A New Turn

I started this blog in 2011, expecting my second son and having discovered a new hobby. I called it a journey in photography and it continues to be. Initially it was the journey of discovering there was more to photos than point and click, then I looked closer at composition. I photographed everything. I discovered I loved macro photography for the ability to turn anything into an abstract artwork

2014 09 22 MACROLILY001

and I also discovered portrait photography through my main subject, my kids. I got my first DSLR and learned how to use it. I naively assumed that a better camera would mean better photos, but until I learned how to manipulate it I found it meant the opposite. Then I started to notice the flaws in photos and started my obsession with the light. I love photography. I love portraits. My kids will grow up. I am looking for a career. I would love to do this, but I don’t love mediocrity. I don’t love poorly executed ideas. I don’t love photos where the photographer doesn’t SEE the product.  I am 95% sure I will give it a go. So my journey continues down a new path.

First port of call. Getting some idea of the basics. Posing people flatteringly is surprisingly hard. My friends are about to be photographed to death until I get good at it.

Here is a friend of mine who popped in for a cuppa and wasn’t expecting this.

2014 09 20 MCMI002

Weekly Photo Challenge: dialogue

Two images that speak to each other. A similar thread so that they contribute to the context of the other?

2014 08 31 CATE003
beautiful flowers a picturesque scene
2014 08 31 CATE002
Look closer and you will find them riddled with caterpillars. This one was particularly cute with his dusty pollen butt.

Lavender and a World Class Education

Totally unrelated to my lavender macro, I have been watching Sue and Felix on Creative Live today.

I have resisted using flash as much as possible until now because I don’t like how it looks. Seeing natural light recreated with artificial studio light has EXCITED ME! I can’t wait to get some time to try it out.

As a Mum with 3 young boys I only have free time really at night and to be able to shoot then would be a blessing. I am looking forward to exploring it further. Creative Live has opened up a world of education opportunity for me. I have no possibility of getting out, but I can have it going while I watch the boys play or play with my baby. I said to my family earlier tonight that I didn’t like technology, but really it not only is the foundation of my passion for photography, it allows me, a suburban Mum in Adelaide, Australia to take part in a world class education that I could not otherwise access or afford.


2014 05 15 lavender