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My Journey Takes A New Turn

I started this blog in 2011, expecting my second son and having discovered a new hobby. I called it a journey in photography and it continues to be. Initially it was the journey of discovering there was more to photos than point and click, then I looked closer at composition. I photographed everything. I discovered I loved macro photography for the ability to turn anything into an abstract artwork

2014 09 22 MACROLILY001

and I also discovered portrait photography through my main subject, my kids. I got my first DSLR and learned how to use it. I naively assumed that a better camera would mean better photos, but until I learned how to manipulate it I found it meant the opposite. Then I started to notice the flaws in photos and started my obsession with the light. I love photography. I love portraits. My kids will grow up. I am looking for a career. I would love to do this, but I don’t love mediocrity. I don’t love poorly executed ideas. I don’t love photos where the photographer doesn’t SEE the product.  I am 95% sure I will give it a go. So my journey continues down a new path.

First port of call. Getting some idea of the basics. Posing people flatteringly is surprisingly hard. My friends are about to be photographed to death until I get good at it.

Here is a friend of mine who popped in for a cuppa and wasn’t expecting this.

2014 09 20 MCMI002


A few shots from camera class

DSC_8974 1 DSC_9265 1 DSC_9269 1 DSC_9303 1

Here are a few shots taken on my recent excursion to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. I also threw in a shot of E I love. I discovered him asleep with his blanket on the couch. It was the middle of the afternoon and he just went quiet.  You know something is up when that happens!


Macro Month: Day 10

I was inspired by a blog on wordpress that I follow to take this photo. After reading Leanne Cole’s post ‘Death Flower‘ I was walking outside in my garden and noticed that my lilys were also flowering so I grabbed my iPhone and had a look at them in a different way.